Fostering Community Connections

The YAS Foundation provides a cultural connection to the ancient Persian civilization of  by partnering with various institutions. The mission of this significant initiative is to reach out and share the Persian cultural heritage and achievements through publicly accessible events featuring Persia’s traditional celebrations, music and arts.

Cultural connection is a key focus of The YAS Foundation which has played a leading role in several important cultural events, including funding the creation of the Community Program for Museum of Fine Arts Boston. As a result, the Nowruz Celebration Program was launched as the Museum’s inaugural festival funded by the YAS Foundation sponsorship. The program was designed to allow New Englanders to highlight special days and milestones in their culture and to attract to the museum audiences that otherwise may not have entered the museum.

The MFA community program was initiated by the YAS Foundation hosting  a major event celebrating Nowruz, the Persian vernal equinox. The annual Nowruz event features dance, music, art, exhibits, activities and lectures on Persian culture and history.  In addition to Nowruz, MFA now has a variety of celebrations for many cultures around the world.

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