Baharan Baniasadi and her journey to graduation and following a dream, is most powerful as it was driven by limitless passion, positive energy, desire, and enthusiasm. Baharan Baniasadi has accomplished all this and more upon her March 2021 graduation as a classical singer from Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna.

Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini first met Baharan in early 2014 and learned about her desire to pursue a degree and career in the art of classical solo singing. But this young, highly talented female dreamed of a career that was prohibited back in her homeland.

Her dream did not end there thanks to a 2 year scholarship and ongoing mentorship provided by The YAS foundation awarded in 2014. Following a rigorous entrance examination, completion of a strenuous 6 year curriculum and blossoming into a first class opera singer, Baharan earned her first graduate degree in Classical Solo Singing from the esteemed Richard Wagner University in Vienna on March 8, 2021. Her accomplishment is even more impressive given that she was studying in a foreign country where she also needed to learn the language, the rules, the culture and how to fulfill her personal needs for friendship, travel and enjoyment in daily life. Baharan succeeded in these areas as well and married in Vienna while completing her studies.

Bahran will now embark on the next phase of her journey. Her goal is to coach and teach others the art of singing and pursuing an advanced degree in Diaphragm Breath Control.

In thanking the YAS foundation and her family for their commitment to supporting of her dream, she noted “starting music in my age is not normal but with my background in music as hobby and your help I got new experiences that I dreamed my whole life. Each new chapter of life needs help and support.”

Dr. Yassini expresses his joy for and pride in Baharan. “It is just remarkable to watch our new generation shoot for the stars and be successful as Baharan has done to make herself and her entire family, especially parents, so proud of her. There is no better satisfaction than being part of her dream and enabling Bahran in 2014 to reach to her goal. Congratulations Bahran.”

Baharan Baniasadi performing
Baharan Baniasadi diploma