The Global Contributions Of An Ancient Civilization

Over the course of 3,000 years and into the 19th century the Persian legacy as the “Cradle of Civilization” has continued to be source of global inspiration giving rise to some of the world’s most thought-provoking scholars, ground breaking theories, scientific discoveries, technology breakthroughs artistic genius accessible to our global civilization. From the carvings on the eastern steps of the Apadana Palace at Persepolis, we can see very diverse cultures and beliefs came together. These people built a community centered around a universal philosophy encapsulated in six words and thirty letters:

Good Thoughts – Good Words – Good Deeds

As the founder of YAS Foundation, I have been guided by this simple message in orchestrating my contribution to humanity. Over the course of 19 centuries, this beautiful land known as the Cradle of Civilization has contributed more than any other nation to the civilization of mankind.

These four categories are samples of past and present exchanges over 3000 years of history.