Ancient Culture inspiring global leadership

Global Citizens recognizes the cultural heritage of Persia which is in part characterized by the people of ancient Persia who exhibited a spirit of determination in the pursuit of multi-disciplinary scholarship, humanitarian policy, innovation, enlightenment, and artistic expression.

Vienna Austria, a city well known for its cultural legacy including renowned classical composers and architectural masterpieces is also home to the United Nations in Vienna. The Persian Scholars Pavilion, placed in the central Memorial Plaza of the Vienna International Center, pays homage to 4 of the most globally significant intellectuals in history; Avicenna Ibn Sina, Razi, Biruni and Omar Khayyam.

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Muhammad Khwarizmi


Muhammad Khwarizmi was a Persian Mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, geographer, and historian in the 8th and 9th centuries. Khwarizmi's work on arithmetic was responsible for introducing a set of 10 symbols—1, 2, 3, 4, 5, [...]

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Ibn Sina, also known as Abu Ali Sina, and often known in the west as “Avicenna” was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most famous and influential Iranian philosophers and scientists [...]

Abu Bakr al-Razi


Abu Bakr al-Razi (Razi) was Persian polymath in the studies as physician, alchemist, and philosopher in the 9th and 10th centuries. He was an important figure in medicine with numerous discoveries in compounds and [...]

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National Khayyam Day


May 18 is observed as National Khayyam Day. Born on May 18, 1048 in Nishapur, 2019 marks Khayyam's  971st birthday. Omar Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet in the 11th and 12th [...]