Happy Nowruz 2023
Astronomical Vernal Equinox  – March 20th 5:24 PM

In previous years, we have written about the history of Nowruz and the traditions, such as the Haft-Sin table, that accompany the traditions of the Persian New Year, Nowruz is a significant and celebrated holiday for Iranians today and the ancient Persians of 3000 years ag0.

This year we wish all a very happy Nowruz by simply sharing the words which characterize Nowruz and the promises in inherent in the joyful celebrations.

In the words of the Iranian poet Saadi (1210-1291)

“Awaken, the morning Nowruz breeze is showering the garden with flowers.”

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Happy Nowruz to all.

May the Persian New Year bring all of these promises to you and all those who surround you.