Ancient Persian Poets

Persian Poetry is an abiding cultural treasure with timeless relevance and popularity. The Persian language, Farsi, is considered to be a language made for poetry. The rise to prominence dates back thousands of years to the 10th century but was inspired by themes emerging centuries earlier.

Iranians and descendants of other modern-day countries of the Persian empire hold dear the works of their ancient poets and significant role of Persian poetry in preserving ethnic traditions, customs, legends and folklore. People of Iran live with poetry. Books of the revered poetry are found in most Iranian homes.

Prominent Japanese Iranologist Emiko Okada, Ph.D. in Persian Literature from the University of Tehran has called Iran “The land of poetry and literature”.  “Reading aloud and memorizing poetry is an enjoyable pastime and part of the daily life of Iranian people” says Okada. The treasured works are passed on to future generations as families, especially the elders, read and recite Persian poetry to their children.

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Hafez The Great Shirazi Poet


Hafez The Great Shirazi Poet Persian lyric poet Hafiz grew up in Shiraz. Very little is known about his life, but it is thought that he may have memorized the Qur’an after hearing his [...]

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Saadi Shirazi


Saadi Shirazi was a Persian poet and prose writer from the city of Shiraz in the 13th century. Saadi was one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition. He was known as [...]

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The Poetry Of Rumi


The Poetry of Rumi is a prolific collection of inspirational poetry written by the Persian mystic and dervish, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, more popularly known simply as Rumi, has been a source of joy [...]

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National Khayyam Day


May 18 is observed as National Khayyam Day. Born on May 18, 1048 in Nishapur, 2019 marks Khayyam's  971st birthday. Omar Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet in the 11th and 12th [...]

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Hafez My Brilliant Image


In a dedication to brain injury survivors on the condition of lonliness, Emelia Clarke reads "My Brilliant Image" a poem by the ancient Persian poet, Hafez  Emilia Clarke [...]

  • Mohammad-Reza Shajarian

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian


Described as one of the great voices of all times, the melody emperor of Iran, the greatest living maestro of Persian classical music and the voice of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, the Iranian singer, poet, [...]